September 27, 2020

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Month: January 2011

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If a stem cell could talk, what would it say or tweet? I imagine stem cells like teenagers. So much potential but at times difficult or unpredictable. Below is my take on what a stem cell being prepared for transplantation would Tweet. Life is too short to always take everything 100% seriously so here’s some humor. Some other Twitter-related posts can be found here including a 2019 post on who to follow regarding stem cells on Twitter.

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A report will be issued today of the economic impact of CIRM on California. The Sac Bee and FierceBiotech are reporting on the economic infusion that CIRM has provided to the state. On average during its existence, CIRM has created 8 jobs day for the state of California. The jobs mostly consist not surprisingly of scientists and construction workers who have built the CIRM funded stem cell institutes around the state. Longer term the economic benefit to California is likely to grow as CIRM-funded …Read More

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Last night President Obama gave a state of the union speech. He seemed appropriately somber given the many issues facing the country. One issue of particular importance is the federal budget and the deficit. Will Obama strongly get behind biomedical research and request budget increases for 2011 for NIH and NSF? If not, then the Republican controlled Congress is even more likely to reduce the NIH budget to 2008 levels or at best keep it at 2010 levels. Either case is bad news for …Read More

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Can one creature directly give another creature cancer? It appears so in dogs and that cancer is highly contagious. When we think about transplants of cells, we think about hospitals and high-tech equipment used to give patients stem cells or other types of cells to help treat them for a disease. Generally cancer patients are excluded from being donors during transplants because there is some concern that a recipient of a transplant from a cancer patient, even in remission, could contain cancer cells. If …Read More