Opposing stem cell research is unpatriotic

I have an op-ed piece in today’s Sac Bee.  You can read it here.

In the piece I highlight the amazing promise that stem cell technology holds for treating our wounded soldiers on the battlefield. I focus on the life saving areas of stem cell derived blood, spinal cord injury treatments, orthopedic injuries, and burn injury. These are main causes of lifelong disability and death amongst our wounded troops and current medical technology has little to offer our troops injured in these ways.

We owe it to our troops to support stem cell research funding. Members of Congress should consider stem cell research funding as a national security issue as they work on the 2011 federal budget.

1 thought on “Opposing stem cell research is unpatriotic”

  1. Chronic disease cost America $1.65 trillion last year alone—equalling the national deficit*.

    This is more than all federal income taxes, ($1.2 trillion) corporate and individual combined.

    This is not including “normal” medical care costs, which increases the amount another 25%.

    Why? Americans are living longer, which means their incurable diseases stay with them for the rest of their lives—and the rest of us have to pay for them.

    We cannot afford not to find cures and soon.

    Socially, even if you don’t support stem cell research to save my dear friend, the wonderful Gwendolyn Strong from a SMA death sentence, then fiscally, you better support stem cell research for cures if you care about the financial well being and security of our great and blessed Country.

    This proud American cares about stem cell researched cures, and so should you.

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