October 27, 2020

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Month: April 2011

3 min read

It seems reasonably likely that in the end, the final say on the embryonic stem cell case one way or another will be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. While yesterday brought a victory for science and patients and logic, this was just one battle, not the war. The war that opponents of ES cell research are waging against hope and against science continues. The plaintiffs in the case have many legal options available to them to continue their fight to force feed their …Read More

2 min read

A Federal Appeals Court ruled 2-1 today to overturn Judge Lamberth’s injunction against federal funding of ES cell research. Great news! You can read the decision here (warning: big pdf). A key part of the ruling was the following: “the plaintiffs are unlikely to prevail because Dickey-Wicker is ambiguous and the NIH seems reasonably to have concluded that although Dickey-Wicker bars funding for the destructive act of deriving an ESC from an embryo, it does not prohibit funding a research project in which an …Read More

3 min read

What is a survivor? Dan Zenka, Senior VP of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, recently pondered this question in an excellent post on his blog.  The post has also drawn more than 50 comments, which I found very interesting based on the range of opinions and different perspectives. The comments are about prostate cancer, but could just as easily apply to any other cancer, injury, or disease. But the thing about cancer that is somewhat unique compared to some other diseases is the chance that …Read More

1 min read

The California Public Safety Committee today passed AB 190 and in so doing has funded the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act! The action will provide up to $11 million a year in funding for spinal cord injury research. This is amazing news and is the result of a lot of hard work by many, but especially of course Roman and his dad, Don C. Reed. These guys are real heroes! I just got a quote from Roman on this exciting news: AB …Read More