Big Vote today on AB 190: we need 1 minute of your help for years of impact

The vote was delayed a few weeks, but today is the big day. The California Assembly Public Safety Committee will vote on AB 190, funding the Roman Reed Act. So action is needed today!

If AB 190 passes, there will be roughly $11 million/year for spinal cord research coming from $3 for each reckless driving speeding ticket. If it doesn’t pass, there will be $0.

This is a crucial time so all you blog readers we need your help today.

Please call, FAX, or e-mail the leaders who will be making the vote.

If you do nothing else please call Jerry Hill’s office. I just called them this morning and talked to an aide to voice my support.

1.    Jerry Hill (FAX 916-319-2119, PHONE 916-319-2019).
2.      Tom Ammiano (FAX-916-319-2113, PHONE 916-319-2013). plus emails to his legislative aide: <mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]

It’s not clear if we can swing support from either of the two Republicans on the committee, but you might try contacting them as well:

1. Curt Hagman (phone: 916-319-2060, FAX: 916-319-2160, email his legislative director, <mailto:[email protected]>[email protected])
2. Steve Knight (phone: 916-319-2036, FAX: 916-319-2136, legislative direct email, [email protected])
Make a difference today.