November 27, 2020

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Month: April 2011

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The vote was delayed a few weeks, but today is the big day. The California Assembly Public Safety Committee will vote on AB 190, funding the Roman Reed Act. So action is needed today! If AB 190 passes, there will be roughly $11 million/year for spinal cord research coming from $3 for each reckless driving speeding ticket. If it doesn’t pass, there will be $0. This is a crucial time so all you blog readers we need your help today. Please call, FAX, or …Read More

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When does politics trump hope? It seems all the time. I think politicians frequently take positions on science-related issues that they either don’t really believe or understand. Perhaps I’m wrong, but for example, I don’t believe that most national level Republican leaders oppose ES cell research. Most of us have either ourselves faced injuries or diseases that the current practice of medicine can only help to a certain degree, or have had loved ones in that position. The same is true of politicians and …Read More

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This is one of my favorite pieces and a reader favorite getting hundreds of hits! Let me know what you think. You can read the original post here with comments. If a stem cell could talk, what would it say (tweet?) I imagine stem cells like teenagers. So much potential but at times difficult. Below is my take on what a stem cell being prepared for transplantation would Tweet. Life is too short to always take everything 100% seriously so here’s some humor.  

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Who’s who in the iPS cell field?  In this post, I examine the people, journals, places, funding agencies, and companies that are the leaders in the iPS cell field. I start with publishing. Last year we did a post on publishing trends in the iPS cell field.  It suggested that the iPS cell field was exploding in terms of the number of papers, but that they were mostly being published in a surprisingly limited number of journals. What I’m seeing so far for 2011 also …Read More