November 24, 2020

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Month: April 2011

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Six months ago, I published a Top 10 list of questions and predictions for the stem cell field.  How did I do?  A mixed bag. Below are the questions and predictions from October 2010 (in blue), along with an update as to how my predictions fared. 1)   How will Geron’s Phase I Clinical Trial go? Will GRNOPC1 be safe? When will we know? Barring any major catastrophic events, it may be a year before we find out how the trial is going. Time intervals …Read More

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What are iPS cells? We talk about iPS cells all the time. We are very excited about them. Heck, the web address for this blog is But what are iPS cells, really? A simple definition of iPS cells is the following: Embryonic stem cell-like cells that are made from non-stem cells in a lab. But does that definition do them justice?  In fact, there is a lot more to know about iPS cells and more complete ways of defining them such that when …Read More

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Now and then we will revisit some of our most popular posts and/or posts with the most comments. One of the best: The Monster Tumor: What is a teratoma really? You can go to the link above to read the original post and comments but I’ve pasted the post itself below. In stem cell research there is a lot of talk about a very unusual type of tumor called “teratoma” and researchers often do “teratoma assays”.  The name teratoma literally means something like monster …Read More

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Stem cell research is a truly global endeavor. How will America’s role evolve in this field and other areas of biomedical research? Because of politic, legal, and budgetary reasons, there are growing concerns that the U.S. may find itself 2nd rate for stem cell research and perhaps also for other fields of science as well. Being a global super power as a country overall and controlling our own fate, means being a science super power. When politics and extreme ideology get in the way …Read More