September 27, 2020

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Month: April 2011

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Someone once said that in any war there is going to be propaganda. The same seems to be true for war that extreme right-wing conservatives are waging against stem cell research and researchers. A prime example is an article today in the National Review by David Klinghoffer entitled “The Stem-Cell War”.  I would call it propaganda. Klinghoffer starts his article by identifying the name of the first patient in a clinical trial for spinal cord injury. It’s unclear if this patient voluntarily released his …Read More

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A version of the compromise budget deal for the remainder of this fiscal year has been released. This is the bill that the House and Senate are supposed to pass this week, and that President Obama must sign by Friday to prevent the Federal Government from shutting down. Originally, Republicans were aiming to cut the NIH budget by $1.6 billion. In this new bill it looks like NIH will escape that fate, but its budget will be reduced by $260 million. Not exactly good …Read More

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The uncertainty regarding the Federal FY2011 budget has taken a big toll on many throughout the country, including the biomedical science community.  Given the fiscal uncertainty, NIH has been forced to wait to make decisions on a host of research proposals. Congress has really given NIH no other option but to wait. In turn, scores of scientists have been in a holding pattern, unable to proceed with making decisions about research that, while evaluated by study sections as outstanding, remains unclear if it will …Read More

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According to the White House official statement issued a couple hours ago on the budget deal approved last night (you can read it here),  NIH was spared from being cut. If this is indeed correct, then NIH should remain at 2010 funding levels, which is about the best outcome any of us could have hoped for. Good news! The pertinent passage from the White House statement is: By insisting on these cuts (Cuts referred to in the preceding paragraph), we were able to achieve …Read More