November 24, 2020

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Month: April 2011

1 min read

Imagine a tea party, where instead of tea, they were serving only Kool-Aid. Not only did you have to drink it, no questions asked, but you had to say it was tea. Despite the bright cherry red color, the unmistakable smell from the artificial flavoring, and maybe even the big Kool-Aid Pitcher symbol with the smile on it and arms and legs on the “tea” pot….you just had to call it tea, or else. That “crazy” Alice in Wonderland kind of situation reminds me …Read More

2 min read

Tomorrow the California Assembly Public Safety Committee will vote on AB 190, funding the Roman Reed Act. So action is needed today!  If AB 190 passes, there will be roughly $11 million/year for spinal cord research coming from $3 for each reckless driving speeding ticket. If it doesn’t pass, there will be $0.  This is a crucial time so all you blog readers we need your help today. You can read more about this situation here in an article by Don C. Reed. To sum …Read More