Trumping hope

When does politics trump hope? It seems all the time.

I think politicians frequently take positions on science-related issues that they either don’t really believe or understand.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but for example, I don’t believe that most national level Republican leaders oppose ES cell research. Most of us have either ourselves faced injuries or diseases that the current practice of medicine can only help to a certain degree, or have had loved ones in that position. The same is true of politicians and I think they realize that ES cell research provides hope for many of these conditions that other types of medical research just doesn’t, including adult stem cells. But they publicly take certain policy stances for political expediency.  In other words, they are being hypocrites, caving in to political pressure from the extreme right-wing element of the Republican Party.

We have our latest example with Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is testing the waters as to whether he might make a big for the 2012 Republican Candidate for President of the U.S. Perhaps emboldened by a recent poll showing him ahead of other potential Republican nominees (within a field of candidates about as exciting as 3-day old oatmeal), Trump has been shifting his positions to the right. Included in this shift to try to make himself palatable to Right Wing extremists,  Goldilocks Trump has now said he might not be in favor of ES cell research.  He does not yet have an official position because he has been quoted as “still studying” the important issue, but rest assured if he continues to develop a potential candidacy he will join the hypocrites and oppose ES cell research.

To “The Donald” I would simply say, “You’re Fired” if you think you are ever going to be President of the U.S., especially if you think you can do it by cowing to extremists.

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