Top News from ISSCR today: exciting stuff!

What’s going on at ISSCR? A lot of cool stuff based on today’s Tweets from people attending. Tweeters are in ( ).  Andras Nagy is the iPS cell Renaissance man!

This morning at #ISSCR2011, talks by Shinya Yamanaka and Andras Nagy both featured Glis1, an egg-specific TF that promotes reprogramming. (the_Node)

#ISSCR2011 Jaenisch:changing the order of the factors,the sum actually might change (ISSCR)

Anders Nagy finds gene copy number variation in late passage hiPS #stemcells IPS cell genome needs to monitored closely. #ISSCR2011 (TheStemCell) Note, it should be Andras Nagy.

At #isscr2011 RJaenisch: perhaps construction of vector for reprogramming accounts for much of differences between iPS lines. (CIRMnews)

Andras Nagy unveils “Project Grandiose” – an intl. group to study daily protein/DNA/RNA changes during the reprogramming process #isscr2011 (ISSCR)