July 15, 2020

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Month: July 2011

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After my post 2 months ago about the pressure I have received to stop doing this stem cell blog, I have been flooded with positive feedback (including by some of the top bigwigs in the stem cell field who chose to remain anonymous) and I have been inundated with questions. They had many different comments, but most asked the same two questions: Who wants to shut down your stem cell blog and why? Because of the sensitive nature of this situation, I have chosen …Read More

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Our focus in this podcast is more on hard core stem cell and regenerative medicine science, and includes my choice for the paper of the week. –human neural stem cells aid recovery from brain irradiation of the kind used to treat brain cancer –paper of the week: transdifferentiation of fibroblasts to make functional neurons using just 2 miRNA –All about Myc and stem cells –Max KO paper in Cell Stem Cell –Glis1

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I recently did a poll on people’s plans for voting in the 2012 Presidential Election here in the U.S.  Would they vote for Obama? Someone else? The results are in (see above) and readers of this blog overall seem to like Obama. 55% of respondents will vote for Obama no matter who the other candidates are. In contrast, only 7% said they will vote Republican no matter what.