July 10, 2020

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Month: August 2011

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Texas Republican Governor, an opponent of Embryonic Stem (ES) cell research, has reportedly undergone an experimental procedure on his spine involving autologous  transplantation of adult stem cells taken from his hip. The procedure, which is not FDA approved and costs tens of thousands of dollars, has no proven track record of success according to The Texas Tribune. Many of us are still scratching our heads as to how the treatments can be offered at all if not FDA approved. It was interesting to read …Read More

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Science Magazine has a new venture called ScienceLive that they say will “bring our readers in touch with prominent scientists on a weekly basis so they can ask questions on the hottest topics in science.” Sounds pretty cool to me. This week’s topic for ScienceLive is the future of stem cells featuring Hank Greely and Amander Clark, two people that I always enjoy listening to! I encourage everyone to jump in and participate. Should be fun! Paul

2 min read

Sometime later today President Obama will sign a bill to raise the debt ceiling, preventing America from defaulting, which would have been a disaster. However, the bill is in it of itself a disaster and a failure on the part of President Obama, someone who in general that I strongly support. What does all this mean? The debt bill is in almost every respect a victory for Republicans, who created this debt ceiling crisis by refusing to raise the debt limit and holding America’s …Read More