September 26, 2020

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Month: October 2011

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Every now and then I do a post on something fun and non-science related. Since it’s Friday, don’t you wish you were on vacation in Seattle? If you can ever imagine visiting Seattle in the near future, bookmark this page because I give suggestions for great things (some that you won’t find in a tour book) to do and eat in Seattle after growing up there and having lived there a good portion of my life. It’s my favorite city, with Portland, La Jolla, …Read More

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I love readers’ comments on my blog. I wish there were a lot more comments so I hope that that builds over time. One challenge to having a dialogue via comments on a blog is that there is so much spam. How much spam you might ask? You may be surprised to learn that my blog receives 1,000 spam comments a month. And this number seems to be rising at an alarming rate. My spam filter is pretty good and in fact it may …Read More

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In response to our post on the recent New Scientist article, which we felt had an anti-ES cell bent, Highfield has responded. He wrote: New Scientist has always backed well-conducted research on ES cells and I have voiced my own support many times, notably in After Dolly (written with Ian Wilmut).  And I am not against well-conducted research with human embryos.   I appreciate his response and I believe him. But I still think that this particular article was a big misstep on their part …Read More

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As many of you know, I did a post this week on an article in The New Scientist that many readers had complained to me about. Their concerns and mine as well centered on two points. First, the article seemed at a factual level to be confusing and written in a People Magazine-esque style that was baffling. Second, everyone I talked to who read it agreed the article was playing some kind of game of moral obfuscation, where it claimed to be in favor …Read More