August 7, 2020

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Month: December 2011

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There was another federal indictment just handed down that alleges that one Francisco Morales (aka Dr. Frank Morales) broke the law with stem cells. Allegedly he took umbilical cords (telling patients that they would be used for medical research), facilitated isolation of stem cells, and shipped them out of state to be used in dubious stem cell treatments. The Houston Chronicle has an informative article on the case and quotes FBI Special Agent in Charge Cory B. Nelson: “This investigation identified a scheme whereby the suffering …Read More

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Four GOP hopefuls–Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, and Perry–attended an anti-cure meeting tonight to reaffirm their pledges to give human rights to fertilized eggs. Remarkably, these 4 supposedly mainstream GOP candidates for President of the United States, have embraced the notion of giving the same rights to single celled fertilized eggs that living, breathing, thinking human beings have…and this wild idea is one that was viewed as so extreme that the voters of one of the most conservative states in the U.S., Mississippi, rejected it by …Read More

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Merry Christmas!  You heard me, Merry Christmas! I’m a Democrat and I love Christmas! As we think about the holiday season, it seems appropriate to make our list, just as Santa is doing, of the elves and grinches of the stem cell world. For today on Christmas, let’s forget the grinches and not even give them attention…let’s focus on the ‘nice’ elves! Bernie Siegel, Executive Director of the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) and Chair of the fantastic World Stem Cell Summit.  As I said in …Read More

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The opponents of hope, those anti-cure crusaders, will not give up and they are active on both the state and federal levels. Today we heard from the S. Louis Beacon that “Missouri Roundtable for Life” is aiming for a 2012 ballot initiative to change the definition of human cloning in such a way that some forms of stem cell research would become illegal. The good guys in this battle, Missouri Cures, are on top of this, but they need our support. Cures director Dena Ladd …Read More