August 7, 2020

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Month: December 2011

3 min read

The anti-stem cell folks have the University of Minnesota in their crosshairs of late, even making personal attacks on specific stem cell scientists. What the heck? Let me explain what is going on. The propaganda arm of the anti-stem/anti-women’s rights movement is the National Right to Life News (NRLN). This is one of those extremist opinionated websites that for some inexplicable reason Google treats as a News organization and hence gives it prominent places in search results. NRLN is not happy with University of …Read More

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I recently posted a poll (you can still vote here) asking readers what they thought was the biggest stem cell news story of the year. Surprisingly, when the poll first went up, almost all the votes went to the Vatican Stem Cell Meeting, but then as we started getting a larger number of votes, things shifted. Now, the biggest story of the year according to the readers of this blog was Geron’s decision to leave the stem cell field. In second place was the …Read More

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Earlier this year we found out that Texas Governor and GOP Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, had received a stem cell transplant. You can read more about this here. The details of Perry’s transplant remain somewhat obscure, but as best as we can tell he received the transplant here in the U.S., most likely in Houston, TX. The transplant apparently was autologous involving Perry’s own fat stem cells being injected in combination with surgery to treat a back problem.  The most striking thing about the transplant …Read More