August 7, 2020

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Month: December 2011

7 min read

Last year around this time I presented my first stem cell awards of the year, in that case for 2010. You can see whom I thought deserved awards here. Now it is time for our 2011 stem cell awards. These awards reflect my opinions and those not mentioned will hopefully forgive me as there is an amazing array of great people and resources. If you disagree or have your own choices for awards that you’d like to give a nod to, please do so …Read More

3 min read

A year from now will I still be conducted federally funded research on human ES cells? What about the hundreds of other professors in the U.S. and their thousands of employees? It is not unreasonable at this point to forecast a perfect storm in Fall 2012 that may kill elements of stem cell research that are crucial for the hopes of millions of people. What is this storm? I predicted just this week that Obama would win election in 2012, but that nonetheless despite …Read More

3 min read

Each year at this time I start thinking about what the next year will bring for the stem cell field. This year is no different and I’ve been pondering what 2012 has in store for us.  You can read my predictions for 2011 here and see how I fared. Not too bad, but overly optimistic I’m afraid about trans-differentiation. Of course in a way, calendar years are meaningless for science since it proceeds with its own rapid pacing regardless of any arbitrary indicators of the passage of …Read More

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Sometimes a top scientist makes news with a quote on research and that happened with Ian Wilmut recently on stem cells. Move away from research on human ES cells (hESC) in favor of very new and still largely unclear trans-differentiation technology? I say, no way. But, Bradley Fikes of the North County Times has reported that Ian Wilmut, who cloned the first mammal Dolly the sheep, argued for a shift from ES cell research and toward trans-differentiation at the Stem Cell Meeting on the …Read More