The anti-cure movement continues attacks on stem cell research, this time in Missouri

The opponents of hope, those anti-cure crusaders, will not give up and they are active on both the state and federal levels.

Today we heard from the S. Louis Beacon that “Missouri Roundtable for Life” is aiming for a 2012 ballot initiative to change the definition of human cloning in such a way that some forms of stem cell research would become illegal.

The good guys in this battle, Missouri Cures, are on top of this, but they need our support. Cures director Dena Ladd is quoted:

“Despite all of the stem cell breakthroughs that have occurred since passage of the Missouri Stem Cell Amendment in 2006, a fringe group of stem cell opponents continues to target the voter-approved initiative that protects this life-saving research…..The judge who dismissed one of the lawsuits not only called the activist group’s claims ‘without merit,’ she wrote that they ‘rise to the level of being frivolous.’ That’s strong language coming from a judge, but appropriate as this constant litigation and excessive petitioning has tied up Missouri courts and state agencies, wasting taxpayer money at a time when the state cannot afford to expend resources on “frivolous” activities. This petition is more of the same….As the latest attempt indicates, this group continues to look for any tactic to force their will — no matter the cost to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, macular degeneration, sickle cell disease or another affliction that stem cell researchers are working tirelessly to cure…”

All right, Dena!

What is so ironic about the anti-cure crusaders is that in the name of protecting what they call life in the form of a single cell embryo, they will surely cause real living, breathing, thinking people to die from slowing the developing of new medical cures and treatments.

Don’t let your guard down, pro-cure people! There is a huge push by anti-stem cell extremists and personhoods to make 2012 an even bigger battle year for stem cell research than 2011.

If they win, real human beings lose.

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