October 26, 2020

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Month: February 2012

2 min read

A recent article in Nature News about a stem cell transplant company called Celltex got me thinking again about safety. The safety of stem cell-based therapies is kind of an obsession of mine. A question comes to mind. Are people realistic about what stem cells can do for them and the risks involved? The answer unfortunately is a resounding “no!” even when it comes to those people giving out the stem cell treatments. Let’s take the case of Celltex. In the Nature article, a …Read More

3 min read

Biomedical science is all about data, discoveries, brainstorming, and ultimately making a difference in patients’ lives, right? Isn’t it true? Well, hmmm….. I wish that were true and maybe at some point in the past it was true. Nowadays there is a different reality. The black hole at the center of most biomedical scientists’ universes is the grant submission process. The horrific equation that dominates most scientists’ lives is not some scientific one, but rather is the following: No money = no research In …Read More

4 min read

We have another Vatican stem cell meeting coming up this spring. This meeting raises some extremely important questions and complex issues at the interface of science, religion, philosophy and ethics. From the perspective of scientists, an important issue is whether (assuming one is invited) to attend such a meeting and if one does attend, is that action alone making a statement? If big-name scientists attend this meeting are they tacitly giving approval to the Vatican’s extreme stance on stem cells by attending? Or is …Read More

3 min read

There is a bill being considered here in the U.S. called the “Research Works Act”. This is without a doubt one of the dumbest bills I have ever heard of in my life.  The bill is bad for science and bad for America. If passed it would be an epic fail for America. Why? This bill would serve as an unnecessary wall between scientists and between scientists and the rest of America. The sole purpose of this bill is to protect the profits of traditional for-profit …Read More