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Stem cells on the brain

February 23, 2012 Paul Knoepfler 1

I confess. I have stem cells on the brain! Yeah, I probably  have a few stem cells left in this old brain of mine, but that’s not what I mean….rather, I mean that I am really curious and excited about […]

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Why is the human brain super-sized?

February 21, 2012 Paul Knoepfler 4

Why do people have such big brains compared to other animals? Vertebrate embryonic development is a highly conserved process, particularly in the earliest phases. A wide variety of vertebrate animals including humans start out with embryonic body plans that are […]

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Why I am still blogging

February 20, 2012 Paul Knoepfler 6

I’ve now been blogging about stem cells for nearly 2 years.  I’m by no means the only one who blogs about stem cells, but it is just that professors still are reluctant in the stem cell field to blog. Two […]

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Why Lanza and I sold ACT stock

February 17, 2012 Paul Knoepfler 9

It wasn’t so long ago that I did a post explaining why after following the company for years, I finally bought a small amount of stock in the stem cell biotech, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; symbol ACTC). In part it […]