Update on Komen: extremists now also demand no stem cell research

The Susan Komen Foundation has abandoned Planned Parenthood and the thousands of women who depend on it for breast cancer screening and health care.

You’d think the right-wing extremists who made this happen would be happy, right?

It’s not good enough, they reportedly say and now folks like Tony Perkins of the FRC demand that Komen also abandon all stem cell research.

Where will it end?

Perhaps these extremists, who also successfully bullied the Republican candidates for president, won’t be happy until science itself is abandoned?

2 thoughts on “Update on Komen: extremists now also demand no stem cell research”

  1. Why would anyone listen to a thing Tony Perkins has to say about life after he handed over 82.5k (and was fined by the FEC for hiding the fact) to Grand Wizard David Duke of the KKK. http://www.thenation.com/article/justice-sunday-preachers
    This is who David Prentice answers to with the FRC, while he brings Dr. Carlos Lima’s anecdotal yada for Sam Brownback/Koch Brothers and snake oil king Don Margolis to Capitol Hill to make the FRC’s false case. Margolis has ripped off millions of dollars from desparate people with Radar/Stowe/Moralas and countless others scammers. Catholic.net has 100+articles that Margolis has contributed. Got Google?

  2. The FRC and current GOP would even be too extremist for Nixon, who signed the funding for PPH in 1970. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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