November 27, 2020

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Month: March 2012

1 min read

Anyone getting tired of those anti-stem cell activists folks slamming Pepsi for supposedly using stem cells in their flavor research, when in reality the cells in question are not stem cells? Maybe the Pepsi-haters are too as they are now reportedly on the case of Kraft and Nestle too as well as Campbell’s, which makes Alphabet Soup amongst many other products. Where will it end? Perhaps the haters will start boycotting stores that sell Pepsi and products of Kraft and others? This story and …Read More

3 min read

If you ever had a really bad day, March 13, 2012 might have been just such a bad day for one Dr. Steven Victor, aka “Dr LookGood”, because he received an official warning letter from the FDA. Why? Dr. Victor, who reportedly greets each patient with the catch phrase “You look so much more beautiful than your picture”, is CEO of a stem cell company called IntelliCell Biosciences of NY, NY. It is a stem cell-related cosmetic clinic that some celebrities fancy. The FDA says in its letter that …Read More

5 min read

What does the FDA define as “minimally manipulated” when it comes to biologics such as stem cells? You will be shocked to find out, but they include irradiation and treatment with the super toxin/carcinogen, ethylene oxide. In a recent post I discussed the issue of an apparent “minimal manipulation” exception (some might even call it a loophole) in federal regulations whereby clinics offering stem cell therapies could avoid having their therapies be explicitly approved by the FDA using its conventional vetting process. The idea is …Read More

2 min read

Our entire world is full of plastics these days to the point that we ourselves are now partially made of plastic literally. When you hear someone say that another person is so “plastic”, slang meaning artificial, these days it is kind of literally true, but for all of us. Even the seemingly infinite oceans of the Earth are utterly contaminated with plastic. Plastic is so ever-present that every single human being on Earth is contaminated with varying levels of plastic chemicals, such as BPA, …Read More