What’s wrong with Romney?

What’s wrong with Romney? 

Romney is quoted today as saying it would take an “act of God” for him to lose the GOP nomination. A miracle, I guess?  Perhaps, but I say that if he is the GOP nominee it would take a miracle for him to beat Obama.

Last night Mitt Romney, the GOP primary candidate for President of the United States (POTUS), won several states, but his performance was so underwhelming that traditional GOP supporters were left in a bewildered stupor.

Very conservative FOX News columnist Rich Lowry today had a piece calling Romney “The candidate of ‘eh’ “.

Of course, who becomes POTUS after the 2012 election has massive implications for science and America more generally.

Romney seems to be the most likely GOP nominee. I’ve blogged before about how I think Romney would be a terrible president.  I think Santorum would be in his own way horrible as well as I’ve posted, but I have to give Santorum credit as a candidate. He seems real, he connects, and he resonates with people. I disagree with basically ever single thing he says, but, heck, he’s real.

Romney on the other hand is a nightmarish, weak candidate.

What’s so wrong with Romney?

He’s so wrong as a candidate that I think his name should be Wrongney or Wromney.

Where to start?

The real Romney is in his own mind politically radioactive so the fake Romney is all we get to see.

The fake Romney is somehow robotic and bumbling at the same time, like a bad actor. This is obvious to all that see him and it turns people off.

Who’s the real Romney who is afraid of his own shadow?

The real Romney, who sometimes ‘shines’ through the fake one, is someone that Romney himself has calculated people would like even less than the fake one.

Real Romney believes that people will think he sold his soul to the devil to make money years ago and now cannot escape from that past. He tore apart American companies, fired people, made millions, shipped much of his millions to the Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank Accounts (then closed these for political reasons), and had a heckuva time doing it. Given the current economic and cultural state of America, the real Romney is an unpalatable candidate to Americans, or at least that is what Romney himself believes. But the fake Romney, assuming he is indeed the GOP nominee, will almost certainly lose to Obama, who despite his imperfections is a towering candidate in comparison.

My advice to Romney is to stop with the act and accept himself for who is and roll the dice on the real Romney with America. It cannot be worse than how the fake Romney is doing, who will need a miracle to beat Obama.

Of course I don’t want Romney to be our President so who knows if my advice is trustworthy, but his candidacy is so painful to watch that on some level I wish he’d come clean. I’m not sure Americans can stomach much more of this fake Colbert-esque Romney.

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  1. I agree that Romney needs to be more real to have any chance of becoming president. The last few presidents all had a more compelling message even George W Bush. Despite his flaws as a president people liked Bush when he ran for office.

  2. The GOP of today is an embarrassment to every American. I grew up under Eisenhower, the last decent Republican. Would give anything to have him back. He was left of Obama….!

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