Please Join New LinkedIn Group on Stem Cells for Truly Open Dialogue

The most popular stem cell group on LinkedIn may have turned to the Dark Side with banning and censorship of good citizens of the stem cell community as I blogged about here.

I have formed a new stem cell group on LinkedIn in which I, as the leader, will strive to never ban or censor anyone barring outright terrible behavior such as personal attacks or foul language, advertising, etc.

Please consider joining (click here) and engaging a real open, professional dialogue on all stem cell issues. Research. Law. Politics. Patient advocacy. Social Media. Activism. Diseases. Regenerative Medicine. CIRM. NIH.

All are welcome no matter your stem cell preference or orientation!




  1. Glad to see you’ve gotten a new group started. Already 120 members as of today! It seems that was probably the best solution to the earlier problems some people were having with the other group. After all, if you’re at a party and it stops being fun, there’s no point in staying – go ahead and start your own party! (And for us science geeks, lets be honest – an interesting discussion can be as fun as a “real” party). 🙂

    One quick comment on something I noticed in your group description (just trying to help out, not to offend). I saw a minor type-o where you said, “…try our best to as inclusive as possible…”. Looks like you accidentally forgot the “be” (i.e., “to Be as inclusive.”).

    Best wishes! Looking forward to many interesting and open discussions!

    • Oops. I see that I accidentally copy/pasted your entire group description at the bottom of my message, which I didn’t intend to do. I don’t see an option to edit the comment, but I hereby give you “official” permission to edit that out if you’d like.

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