November 27, 2020

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Month: May 2012

2 min read

Want to win $50 and become a published author? Enter the Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog Essay Contest. The challenge? Write a no more than 500 word, convincing, non-fiction essay on stem cells thinking entirely outside the box. Otherwise, the angle you take is totally up to you. Surprise me. Make me think. There will be two winners. Category 1 = age 18 or younger Category 2 = age 19 or older Prizes? The winners will each get two prizes. 1) you will get …Read More

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Many folks believe that if you can kill or otherwise inactivate cancer stem cells, you’ve gone a long way to curing many types of cancer. However the cells have remained elusive. Now, Mick Bhatia’s lab has found that the antipsychotic drug, Thioridazine, has activity against cancer stem cells. The work, published in Cell (read paper here), indicates that Thioridazine works not by killing cancer stem cells, but rather by encouraging the stem cells to differentiate. Bhatia’s group used a novel screening approach (see graphical …Read More

2 min read

I wish I was a field scientist sometimes so maybe after 20+ years I’d like to escape the lab at times to do science outdoors. However, occasionally science comes to you, giving you a surprising, fun experience. Note that you may enjoy my Scientist in the Garden series. That happened to me today. After walking my dog Elvis with my youngest daughter as I was unlocking my door I noticed something on the wall outside the door. A giant, very unusual looking moth. This …Read More