October 24, 2020

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Month: May 2012

13 min read

I have interviewed two folks on the very important US vs. Regenerative Sciences legal case: Dr. Chris Centeno and Doug Sipp. More background on the case can be found at the FDA Law Blog. I thank them both for their time and for sharing their unique perspectives. I have specific rules for these interviews and how I have posted the answers to ensure fairness. Also I’m not providing any commentary of my own in this article. The opinions expressed here are strictly those of Sipp …Read More

1 min read

The only biotech with an active hESC-based clinical trial, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) will have three top leaders including CEO Gary Rabin participating in a CIRM webinar on stem cell-based treatments for eye disorders this Wednesday. Also involved with be Samuel Barone, a medical officer from the FDA. You don’t want to miss this one! Register here (required in advance!) I think CIRM and ACT joining forces on this is a great development. (Hat tip to David Jensen, who posted on this yesterday)

3 min read

Whether it is people or cells, how much control do we really have over their behavior? Very little. The Secret Service is at the center of a huge international scandal involving prostitution and potentially compromised nationally security. Clearly, the Secret Service failed to do their incredibly important job of protecting the President and national security, and this failure could have had disastrous and deadly consequences. Call me stem cell obsessed, but I see lessons in the Secret Service scandal about stem cells. Bear with …Read More