October 24, 2020

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Month: May 2012

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Just about exactly two and a half years ago I had surgery for prostate cancer, a serious prostate cancer that could not be watched. I could not be waiting. It changed my life. How was my prostate cancer diagnosed at age 42, an age when no one told me I should even be thinking about prostate cancer? PSA testing. The recent federal guidelines to stop all PSA testing is a huge mistake. Really breathtakingly misguided. How could so many educated, smart people screw up? …Read More

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Yesterday I put up a poll asking scientists how happy they are or more simply “is science still fun?” I myself really find science fun despite all the challenges and headaches, but I wasn’t sure how my colleagues would respond as a lot of people seem stressed and/or depressed. It was thus great to see the poll results reflecting that scientists are still mostly really enjoying and having fun with their work. Just about 2/3 respondents said they were having more fun than not. …Read More

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I was at a faculty meeting the other day and one colleague, with a bleak look on the face, announced grimly: “I realized that science is not fun anymore”. Is science still fun for you? Many of us got into science in the first place because it gave us joy and we had a passion for it. Do you still feel that way?

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TGIF It’s been a wild week on this blog with many thoughts going out to the future of stem cells in Texas. What about stem cell headlines of the week? Some wildness there too and lots of discussion of translational applications, which is exciting. This week let’s start in reverse order with the ugly and what better way to begin than with Rush Limbaugh, huh? Ugly Rush Limbaugh parrots pro-lifers gross exaggeration that MJ Fox is giving up on ES cells. I touched on …Read More