October 24, 2020

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Month: May 2012

4 min read

On Monday, I made a big stink about Texas GOP Governor Rick Perry visiting a lab (that of Jeanne Loring) at Scripps Research Institute here in California because the lab in question is a leading group doing human embryonic stem cell (HESC) and Perry is a strong opponent of such research. I thought the visit perplexing. Stoking my interest further at that time was the video record on YouTube of the visit, which was a very striking production that I felt was of substantial …Read More

4 min read

Here is the second installment in my “elephant in the lab” series, which addresses controversial or even taboo topics in laboratories and the sciences. The first segment was on taboo topics in the iPS cell field. People loved the honesty of that post. Today I am talking about how sometimes scientists kill each other’s papers during review and specifically how they do this. This is a hot topic in labs around the world and everyone knows this happens on a regular basis, but people …Read More

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Some folks say that paper, hard copy journals are going to become obsolete. But they are still accumulating in science labs, offices, and corridors are a rapid pace. So what do we do with all of them? I’m not talking about recycling them, but some other more creative uses such as… 1. Build a maze in your lab to do human behavioral experiments. What should the reward be at the end? Cheesecake? 2. On an open field use them to make a message visible …Read More

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Dear Governor Rick Perry, Yesterday I came down very hard on you in a post for your visit to the Scripps Research Institute in California and the video that was made about it. (2020 update: Rick Perry is still plugging Celltex after 8 more years!) Maybe I was a bit over the top… However, it got me thinking. I believe in all seriousness that you could make Texas an international leader in stem cells. As much as I personally and professionally believe in embryonic stem cell …Read More