October 24, 2020

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Month: June 2012

3 min read

Celltex is that adult stem cell company that treated Governor Perry and upwards of 80 other people with stem cell products that they grew in their lab in Texas. I wonder what the leadership of Celltex is thinking right now about its FDA audit, their future, and that pesky professor/blogger in California…what’s his name? I can’t be sure because Celltex won’t talk to me, but I think they’re having to deal with a totally new reality since Monday brought their FDA inspection report to …Read More

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I’m discussing the seamier side of science in a seven part series on what I call scientific sinning or the “seven sins of scientists”. The first four pieces in this series really stoked a great deal of interest and debate, covering Failure to Cite, Paper or grant killing, Need for Speed, and hype. Today in the fifth installment we go to the sin of snobbery. You might ask is snobbery really a sin for a scientist? Yes, it is, because it causes so much pain and is …Read More

5 min read

Celltex has issued a press release (PR), entitled “Company Pioneering Regenerative Medicine Services Invited FDA to Inspect Lab” on their FDA audit in response to the reaction in the media and stem cell community about it. I view this PR as a step in the right direction–more openness! There is a lot of info in this PR that is quite interesting and new. Celltex describes the issues they faced with the FDA as largely the result of a “language barrier” because as it turns …Read More