Surprising lack of enthusiasm for ISSCR 2012


What’s the deal with ISSCR 2012?

I’ve always enjoyed the ISSCR meetings myself, but there was some grumbling last year that the meeting was as one reader told me “boring” and that people were presenting too much already published data.

I decided since I wasn’t at this year’s meeting to do a poll on attendees’ feelings about this year’s ISSCR meeting.

Surprisingly, respondents to the poll are by about a 2:1 margin not very enthusiastic about this year’s ISSCR meeting and the most common response was rating the meeting as “So so”.

64% of respondents rated the ISSCR 2012 meeting as “So so”, Not very good”, or “bad”.

What the heck?

I haven’t so far gotten any more specific details about the meeting to consider why this meeting is not generating much enthusiasm.