Mitt Romney’s two big secrets that he believes may doom his candidacy: predictions

Mitt Romney is a puzzling person.

He’s the Republican nominee for POTUS, but most Republicans don’t really like him.

He’s very secretive about many aspects of his life.

What secrets is Romney keeping?

Since they are secrets so far we are left to speculate, but here are the most solid predictions I have seen. The two possible secrets are especially troubling when taken together.

He is a billionaire. Romney’s entire life it seems has been almost focused mainly on one thing: making money. It is thus sadly ironic that although he has done such a good job accumulating wealth that he is now at some level either ashamed of it or he is proud of it but willing to hide it for political reasons. Either way, it doesn’t say good things about his character. Is America ready for a billionaire president? Romney doesn’t think so.

He has had years where he paid little or even no taxes at all. Despite being a very wealthy man, like many people Romney has not been content with that. He wants to be even richer and one way in his mind to do that is by paying as little tax as possible. I can understand not wanting to pay more taxes than reasonably necessary I suppose, but one can take this too far. So it is even possible that some years despite 10s of millions of dollars in income, he paid no taxes at all. In part this may very well have been achieved via overseas accounts that while technically not illegal, seem downright un-patriotic to many Americans. A bit embarrassing for a candidate for POTUS, especially in a rough economy.

Taken together these two possible secrets are especially damning….

 A billionaire who pays little to no taxes

Is that what Romney is afraid of in his tax returns?

Maybe yes, maybe no. We can’t be sure, but until he releases them publicly everyone is speculating and some are assuming far worse than the two predictions above.

At a broader level, Romney’s poor judgement on the tax return issues also, regardless of what is hidden therein in his mind that is so damaging, raises serious concerns about him having poor judgement and possessing a mindset of secrecy that would carry through to his presidency if elected.

I’m not a fan.


  1. His behavior about this is odd. Release them now and he has plenty of time to recover. With poor economic indicators rolling in seemingly everyday many voters will have forgotten this by poll time. By refusing to put the returns out and explain his whole kinda-CEO thing he’s just keeping the focus on his shortcomings and making it seem like there really is something very shady that he is hiding. Basically he appears to be handling this in the worst way possible.

    • I agree. Get this issue out there in mid-July, do damage control if needed, and move on. If he is a tax-skirting billionaire that may be embarrassing, but I do not think fatal and that issue will fade over the months. It’s like a bandaid….rip it off and get it over with.

      Otherwise there are only two scenarios for what will happen, both bad for Romney.
      (A) with the returns not ever released, the issue will continue to be a target for Obama all the way up until the elections and possibly during the debates, and Americans will be left to assume the worst about the tax “secrets”….
      (B) eventually Romney will cave in and release them later closer to the election, which is far more damaging.
      By not releasing them now or soon, Romney also runs the risk of people viewing him as secretive and being unwise in his candidacy.

  2. I am sorry to say I am too busy at work trying to build a company and hire more people than pay close attention to the election. I only watch baseball in October and I only pay attention to the election process during the primary and just before the general election. This may not make a great American, but I do work hard and pay my taxes and go to Church each week, so I am not all bad.
    I was once told it is never a good thing to talk about politics or religion, unless you are ready for an argument. Yet, I would like to say someting. Regardless of Mr. Romney’s beliefs, I believe I read that he has tithed each year a percentage of his income. (Check) I also remember his work as a missionary in France. (check) He was a successful businessman using income as the gauge. (check) He has good hair for a POTUS. (check) Actually, I am liking this guy so far. But its too soon to tell.

    • I don’t avoid arguments, John!
      More than his hidden tax returns, I’m interested in what’s under that “good hair for a POTUS” (funny by the way!)….meaning his brain and his perspectives on life and his personality.
      How does Romney think?
      He seems a mystery to so many Americans.
      The facts that you listed with check marks seem to be true and I personally believe those are good things too, but I want to know more than that.
      Let’s see how things unfold over the next few months.
      I hope we learn much more about him.
      To win I think he has to be more than the un-Obama. Now back to my busy “business” of science!

  3. Mittens missionary work is a joke.. Other than the 4 deferments from the draft it provided, the laughable point is he was in the Bordeaux region of France trying to convince the French not to drink (and probably already plotting how to move/increase production off shore). Simply put, it was his training ground to get people to work (or vote) against their own best interest – a GOP stone cold tenant.

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