Considering a stem cell treatment? #1 thing to know is that for clinics it’s all about your money

stem cell treatmentShould I get a stem cell treatment?

I regularly get contacted by patients considering dubious stem cell treatments, asking me that question. They want advice and have many questions.

Most of them are seriously considering stem cell treatments because they have an illness that today’s “modern” medicine cannot help.

Tens of millions of people are in that boat. I understand that having been a cancer patient myself.

So should people get stem cell treatments?

I have a guide for patients considering treatments that you can read here.

But if I could boil everything down to one bit of advice I would tell potential patients that the #1 thing to keep in mind when considering a treatment is the following:

The stem cell clinics simply want your money

These clinics and their operators are not philanthropists. They are not up at night worrying if you’ll get better or how you are doing. They are not out to cure or help people.

They simply want your money and a lot of it. They don’t particularly care about you. Part of the way they get your money and try to protect their own is through what I call “The Stem Cell Shell Game”.

We have already seen documented cases where stem clinic operators use patients’ money to lead lavish lifestyles. We saw that in the stem cell supermodel case and in the XCell case¬†where a baby died in Germany.

The stem cell clinic operators are generally out to get rich off of you.

Keep that in mind as you consider treatments from such clinics.

The doctors and others working at these clinics have a vested interest in convincing you that the treatments work and are safe even if they aren’t really sure about that.

Patient advocates and stem cell scientists, in contrast, have no vested monetary interest in raising concerns about these clinics other than helping people like you avoid getting hurt and losing your money.