Davis, CA and Eugene, OR twin cities?

Eugene OregonLast week I was in Eugene, OR for a day in transit. Being from Davis, CA I was struck by how similar Davis and Eugene are.

They are both college towns.

They both also have an unusually powerful sense of community. I snapped the picture to sign above about “community” that struck me for how could apply to Davis just as much as Eugene.



  1. I like that a lot Paul. I do or have done just about everything on the list. Makes me want to try harder:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Paul- of course you know that I went to graduate school in Eugene, and then moved to Davis for my first job. Those towns are similar and they both suited me. San Diego isn’t quite the same, but it has its merits!

    • That explains a lot! 🙂 Meaning how awesome you are! I’ve lived in La Jolla and Portland, but not Eugene although I’ve visited there many times. I prefer the NW. Seattle is my favorite city.

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