I’m big fan of blog by Advanced Cell Technology patient, Maurie Hill, in clinical trial

Maurie Hill is not your average person.

She’s a person of courage, obvious intellect, and a great writer.

She’s also a patient in the stem cell clinical trial being run by pioneering biotech company, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT). In fact, she’s the first patient to receive the higher (100,000 cell) dose treatment.

You can learn about her, her experiences, and the trial on her blog here and here’s her first post on her being in the clinical trial. I highly recommend it!

She explains things in such a clear, direct manner it is pleasure to read her blog.

I’m also a big fan of ACT itself, which is not your ordinary biotech company!

I have great hope they will be successful in producing a real treatment for blindness/vision impairment. Cheers!



  1. Bravo, Maurie ! And thanks to Paul for highlighting her story. Fingers crossed for a great outcome….

  2. What a wonderful blog she has! Thanks for sharing this Paul.

    Having worked in the ophthalmology/optometry field for 2 decades, before I made a major career shift to stem cells, I have a very special appreciation for Maurie’s admirable efforts to share information in such an eloquent fashion.

  3. Thanks Paul for sharing the link to Maurie’s blog. Really great to hear from the patient’s perspective!

  4. She still cannot see. Majority of the 11 patients have reported significant visual improvement.

  5. Thank you sharing Competition for viable treatment, something that was out of reach 25 years ago when I first started learning about my disease, is a work in progress that takes patience and understanding, but will be worth the wait for so many. Thanks to all for following my story and being so supportive over the past year.

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