Weekend plans? Grant, data, gardening, football

garden harvestThis should be a good weekend.

I have a big NIH grant application due in 3 weeks so I’m slaving away on that, but it’s on a topic that I’m excited about and we have good preliminary data so at least I have a sliver of hope. That makes the writing easier….relatively speaking at least.

The lab has also produced a mountain of data this summer and we are in the process of catching up to it in terms of interpretation and analysis so I enjoy that. You might say I’m a data addict.

I’m also managing to squeeze in some other non-sciency stuff including some gardening (see this morning’s harvest above) and there are some football games I’m going to watch. One of kids has a soccer game. Fun. See those funny green and yellow striped tomatoes? Those are called Green Zebra and the last few years have been one of our family’s favorite tomatoes. They grow really well and are consistent producers as well as looking really cool. Try them out.

The weather here in Davis, CA remains gorgeous so that helps make the weekend better. Upper 80s and sunny, no humidity.

What are you guys up to this weekend?