July 11, 2020

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Month: November 2012

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The field of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) has really shaken up science over the last half dozen years reversing our notion that differentiated cells are stuck in that fate, when in reality they are plastic and can “turn back the clock” to become embryonic stem cell-like cells. Now we have an iPSC paper in Nature, Abyzov et al, which while saying interesting things about iPSC, more generally has shaken up biology by suggesting that humans being are mosaics. Yeah, including you reading this article. …Read More

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Much earlier this year I did a poll and published my own thoughts on the top 10 stem cell journals. Topping my list was Cell Stem Cell at #1 and Stem Cells at #2. I also recently did text mining on the titles of articles in these 2 journals (here and here) finding some fascinating similarities and differences. What are the best stem cell journals now looking ahead to 2013? Of course there many ways to judge journals: impact factor, total publications in a given …Read More

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Americans eat tens of millions of turkeys each year on Thanksgiving.…but what the heck is a turkey really? It’s a heckuva of strange bird, isn’t it? Here in Davis, CA we have a huge population of wild ones too (see pic at right from here in Davis) in addition to the store kind. Here are my top 10 geeky turkey facts. 10. The bird “turkey” actually is named after the country Turkey. Who’d have thunk it? Reportedly, Europeans mistakenly thought the turkeys they saw …Read More