Most surprising things to know about Romney

Paul Ryan Mitt RomneyThink you know Mitt Romney?

I don’t feel like I do. I hope those sandwiches he’s handing out are PB&J…..

Here are the 10 most surprising things about Romney that you might not know.

10. He’s fluent in French. Nothing wrong with that, but his very anti-European rhetoric doesn’t seem to fit with this. See video below.

9. He was a cheerleader in high school (on the pep squad). Go team! Nothing wrong with being a cheerleader either. It’s just interesting.

8. Mitt Romney was the youngest of four children. That must speak bad things about him, right? Oh yeah, I was the youngest sibling (2 older brothers).

7. Mitt Romney went to Stanford as an undergrad before his time there was interrupted by his missionary work in France. He never went back.

6. Mitt Romney is 65 years old, 14 years older than Obama. I gotta say Mitt looks really young for his age.

5. Mitt was called “Billy” by his family until kindergarten. What the heck?

4. Mitt was named “Willard” after John WIllard Marriott, who founded the Marriott Corporation.

3. Mitt attended public school until the 7th grade. I wonder how he might be different if he had stayed in public school until college?

2. He got a bachelor’s degree in English. What kind of wacko gets an English degree as an undergrad? Oh, yeah, I did too.

1. Mitt Romney’s favorite snack? PBJ with a glass of chocolate milk. Cheers!

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  1. Willard was born in the same hospital I was born it and is 3 months 5 days older than I am.
    He was a cheerleader at an exclusive prep school that is small enough that you have to wonder why he wasn’t at least one of the sports teams.

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