October 24, 2020

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Month: December 2012

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Yesterday I was visiting L.A. and happened by the Walk of Fame, seeing many stars including the one of Barbra Streisand (below). Streisand has been doing interviews (see article here ) for both TV and newspapers regarding her advocacy for heart disease research for women. Interestingly, this interest of Streisand’s directly involves stem cells according to the Hollywood Reporter (and on CNN). She says: “Heart research done on women also helps men as well,” Streisand said in her recent speech. “Take stem cell research, for …Read More

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In previous years I’ve done yearly predictions for the coming year’s events in the stem cell world (see predictions for 2011 and 2012 predictions). I did pretty well in my predicting stem cell events for this year (see analysis here) scoring a respectable 70%. Isn’t that a C-?,you might ask. No, when it comes to stem cell predictions anything better than 50% is an A. Below are my prognostications for the stem cell field for 2013. I’m taking some more risks this year, but you only …Read More

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Every year I make predictions about what the following year will bring us in the stem cell field. For example, last year I made some predictions for 2012 and I shortly will do a post on my predictions for 2013. First, how did I do with my predictions for this year, which I made in a post on Dec. 7, 2011? Prediction 10.) Transdifferentiation remains extremely intriguing, but there’s little progress on it. A few more trans-differentiation papers come out in 2012, but no flood …Read More

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I’m taking a short break from working on a grant progress report this morning (yes, it’s Christmas Eve) so I thought I’d do a post on the holidays. As the very exciting, complicated year of 2012 winds to a close and the holidays are here, I thought perhaps it is a time to put things in perspective for the stem cell field. I wish all of you out there a wonderful holiday time with your family and friends. Especially those of you battling a …Read More