September 30, 2020

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Month: January 2013

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The induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell field has been red hot over the approximately first half dozen years of its existence from 2006-2011. However, as I blogged about here part way through 2012, it was showing signs of cooling off a bit in terms of the shear output of publications. It turns out that now that the year 2012 is basically in the history books from a publications standpoint (there might be a few stray pubs from 2012 still to be added to databases, …Read More

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I’m on a roll with my stem cell predictions for 2013 (see all 10 here). First, I got it right with my #1 prediction that the Supreme Court would take a pass on the Sherley v Sebelius Case. Now, I read from excellent science writer David Cyranoski at Nature that Celltex is going to be offering their treatments in Mexico, my prediction #6. Apparently Celltex sent a letter to patients advising them of the move to Mexico for treatments. In my Dec. 27, 2012 …Read More

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The LA Times has an opinion piece out today by Michael Hiltzik criticizing CIRM. It’s deja vu all over again. The LA Times has shown itself to be very biased against CIRM over the years. Hiltzik specifically has been very hostile to the stem cell agency. I see their coverage of CIRM as unbalanced, never focusing on anything positive. CIRM recently got the ball rolling on significant changes to its structure, particularly as relates to its grant approval process, in response to a review of …Read More

5 min read

I recently did a Q&A interview with NeoStem CEO Dr. Robin Smith. I posted Part 1 of that interview a few days ago here. Now we have part two focused on VSEL, ES cells, and iPS cells. PK: I frequently have readers of my blog ask questions about VSEL. They seem puzzled and unsure of what to think about these cells and their potential clinical use. Can you tell us in a nutshell what they are, why NeoStem is making such a big bet …Read More