September 26, 2020

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Month: March 2013

2 min read

I recently had a phone interview with Dr. Arnold Caplan, the founder of the MSC field. You can read parts 1 and 2 of the interview here and here. Today’s post, part 3, is focused on clinical use of MSCs. I want to start off today’s post with a wonderful quote from Caplan: “All MSCs are good if no one screwed them up!” This statement by Caplan was in response in part to my asking about how different clinics handle MSCs is such dramatically …Read More

1 min read

I have a new resource page up on the blog that includes links to most of the important stem cell legal decisions and the documents involved. You might call it a stem cell lawyer’s Nirvana page, but I think educators, doctors, scientists, patients, and others will also find it quite useful. If you know of a legal case or document that I should add, please let me know. I consider this stem cell legal hub page to be a work in progress and expect …Read More

2 min read

The Asahi Shimbun just published a fun, intriguing interview with Shinya Yamanaka, the Nobel Laureate who first produce iPS cells. In the interview, Yamanaka says that the celebrity aspect of his new post-Nobel life has driven him to wear disguises when out running in public because he gets recognized so often. Yamanaka is also asked about stem cell clinical safety and makes what I think is a brilliant analogy (Q is from the reporter and A is from Yamanaka). Q: Why does it take so …Read More