September 30, 2020

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Month: August 2013

3 min read

I get contacted by a growing number of people on a weekly basis wanting to communicate about stem cells. I think it is largely because of this blog and my educational outreach efforts. Mostly these folks have questions for me. Other times they cold contact me to provide me with information that does not address any question I have posed, but nonetheless the information is important for clarifying certain events or issues in the stem cell field. I realize that parties that give me …Read More

2 min read

In a first for the field, scientists have used human pluripotent stem cells to grow miniature brain-like structures in a dish in a lab (see beautiful image of one of these “mini-brains” at left from the paper). This exciting, pioneering feat, accomplished by a team from the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna led by Dr. Juergen Knoblich (see his lab page here), has drawn great attention in the mainstream media such as here at CNN. The paper, which Lancaster, et al., was published in …Read More

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Celulas Madres: Una Guia para el Conocedor es un Nuevo excitante libro que lleva a el lector adentro del mundo de celulas madres guiado por el internacionalmente experto en celulas madres el Dr. Paul Knoepfler. Celulas madres estan catalizando una revolucion en la medicina. El libro tambien destaca el caliente y excitante debate en el area de tratamientos con celulas madres que esta captivando la imaginacion del publico. En el futuro esta previsto que estas celulas podran transformar como envejecemos y nos reproducimos. No …Read More

5 min read

Some stem cell clinics are pressuring their own patients into potentially breaking federal law through something like smuggling. A big problem for certain clinics is how to bring the paying American customer (i.e. the patient) and the biological product that they are selling derived from the patient’s stem cells together outside the reach of the FDA so a lucrative stem cell transplant can occur. These clinics realize that exporting a human stem cell biological product out of the US with the intention of clinical …Read More