May 29, 2020

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Month: August 2013

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  In the stem cell field we hear this all the time: “Stem cells naturally home to areas of disease or injury.” But is it really true or just a useful myth? Such homing could be local such as if you inject stem cells into the parenchyma of the brain they go within the brain to the site of a problem. Or such homing could be more global whereby, for example, stem cells injected IV home to a target diseased organ and then right …Read More

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Life Technologies makes all kind of great stem cell stuff. They are a sponsor on this website and they are very excited about stem cell technology. Life’s media brand, Gibco, has a hilarious new video out on YouTube on stem cells and media (the image right below here is a live video link–just click on it to view the video). The video stars a cartoon personified stem cell character, named, well, Stem Cell. The video gets really funny in a geeky way as it …Read More

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I met with Texas Governor Rick Perry, himself a recipient of stem cell transplants, last year to talk stem cells. He was enthusiastic about stem cells to put it mildly and it was great to talk with him. My impression from meeting with him in person is that he is clearly a very intelligent, energetic, and gifted leader. But even the best leaders make mistakes and I think stem cells may spell trouble for him in the long run. Now that he has announced …Read More

3 min read

What would your predictions be for 7 years down the road and by the way please read the eye chart below out loud. How’s your vision? Today’s post is a chance to let one’s optimism and excitement about stem cells run a bit wild looking ahead not to next year, but 7 years ahead to the year 2020. Can we make 20/20 (i.e. accurate) predictions for where the stem cell field will be that far down the road? In my upcoming book (you can …Read More

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Wired is one of my favorite science & technology outlets. Their views carry a lot of weight and they occasionally have a fun or educational (or both) piece on stem cells. I was therefore pleasantly surprised and excited when a friend told me that she had seen my blog recommended by Wired recently as one of 22 go-to websitets to help deal with junk science. Their piece (screen shot above) begins: Junk science is everywhere, and today’s research is often discredited tomorrow. This mix of academics, …Read More

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Was Einstein wrong on his definition of insanity? “Insanity”, said Einstein, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But in science, how sane is it to expect experiments to give precisely the same results? How big a problem is irreproducibility in science? Experiments on that question have given variable results. Haha. But seriously, why is it that so much of what is published in science is so difficult to reproduce? While Einstein (pictured above in an image from …Read More