Till & McCulloch Stem Cell Meeting in Banff: The Road Here

BanffI have made it in one piece to beautiful Banff all the way from Davis, CA.

Talk about a change of scene.

Davis, CA couldn’t be flatter, while Banff is surrounded by beautiful snowy capped mountains. See image at right from the hotel. Wow.

I walked over to the conference center and there was a distinct alpine crispness to the air, while I’m guessing it was 84 degrees in Davis in California’s central valley today.

The one thing in common between Davis, CA and Banff right now is the concentration of great stem cell researchers.

It was a little tricky getting here because of the transit (BART) strike in the Bay Area of California as I flew out of SFO to Calgary.

Then I drove a rental car to Banff.

I only got a bit lost once, ending up on Highway 1A instead of Highway 1, although I got back on Highway 1. Either would have gotten me here.

I am a fan of California, but I have to say Canadians are far more polite and friendly! That notion of mine from past visits was reconfirmed again within minutes of arriving in Calgary.

The drive was inspiring.

I’m thinking the stem cell science here at the meeting will be too.

Stay tuned as I’m blogging the meeting here and over at Signals Blog.