Hannah near-perfect reprogramming voted as iPS cell paper of 2013

iPS cell poll 2013

I recently did a poll asking readers of my blog to vote on the iPS cell paper of the year for 2013.

The vote kind of seesawed at the beginning, but in the end with 100 votes cast the paper by the Hannah lab on near-perfect iPS cell production won out (see votes at left).

In second place was the Deng lab paper on all-chemical reprogramming. I suspect that just a couple years ago, this paper would have won by a landslide, which I think shows that priorities have changed.

I wonder if I had made the poll “the top reprogramming paper” of 2013, would Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s SCNT hESC paper in Cell have top the charts?

My own choice for iPS cell paper of the year? Yamanaka’s one on how to identify defective iPS cells.

Any other papers on iPS cells that you think deserve honorable mention?