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stem cell stock tickerI’ve added a fun and helpful new feature on the right side bar of the blog in the form of a stem cell biotech stock ticker.

The ticker is for some of the most widely held stem and cellular medicine companies. A sample screen shot is shown in this post.

Quite a few stem cell-related stocks could not be added to this ticker for various reasons including ACTC, Mesoblast, CUR, and others. Yahoo has limits on which stocks can be included based on company size and which exchange they are on.

Think I should have included a different panel of stem cell stocks?

Let me know what you think.

2020 update. I took the stock ticker down for various reasons years ago, but now I’m thinking I might put it back up.


11 thoughts on “New Stem Cell Stock Ticker”

  1. Mike – thanks for your response. I suspected ACTC must be diluted. I also share your opinion that stock price is unlikely to be an accurate indicator of research/therapy quality, unless there’s some real-world basis for such a conclusion.

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  3. I was preparing a lecture yesterday about stem cells for toxicology screening and found myself including stock trends in the powerpoint slides. It’s a fun and useful way of tracking what’s going on. I noticed the ticker at the time on your blog and figured it had always been there.
    For a future post, perhaps you can weigh in on how to interpret these trends. Why is ACTC a penny stock while Celgene is 150 buck a share? Does it say anything at all about the quality of the research/therapies being developed at these two companies?

    1. ACTC is a penny stock because there are way too many shares for where they are in development/marketability.
      CELG is making money and has real products and profits. ACTC is a phase I biotech with 3 BILLION plus shares. CELG only has 400+ million shares…

      market cap = # of shares * stock price

    2. Does it say anything at all about the quality of the research/therapies being developed at these two companies?

      No, i dont think the market can judge an early phase biotech/reg med company accurately..especially since ACT is on the OTCBB, instead of a national exchange like Nasdaq or NYSE. Being on the OTC, ACTC does not have access to institutional investors or mutal funds.. unfortunately!

      1. Geron has transferred much of their IP to GE Healthcare. So perhaps you can add them to the Stem Cell Stock Ticker. They already have GE Cytiva Cardioycoytes (hESC-derived) and they will be expanding their portfolio in 2014. One to watch!

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