Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship Prediction

So what’s going to happen in today’s NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and 49ers.

As someone who lives in Davis, CA just about an hour from San Francisco, you might think I’d be a 49ers fan. However, I grew up in Seattle, spent many hours in the Kingdome, and I am in fact a Seahawks fan. I don’t consider myself someone who is anti-49ers at all, but when it comes to match ups between the two, I want the Seahawks to prevail.


Predictions on today’s game?

It’s actually a tough call for a number of reasons.

Defense: Seattle. Both teams have strong defenses, but I would give the slight edge to Seattle. The Seattle defense has just been so strong all season. I expect at least one key interception today by the Seattle Secondary.

Offense-rush: Seattle. Frank Gore is a flat great runner and can have a major impact, but Marshawn Lynch is even better. I also think that Lynch going against the 49ers defense is a better match up for Seattle than Gore versus the Seahawks defense.

Offense-the pass: 49ers. Seattle hasn’t had a dominant pass game, while the 49ers especially with Crabtree back in form have been able to effectively dominate this way.

QB: Tossup. Both teams have talented QBs, but I see Russell Wilson as a more dominant QB. At the same time, WiIlson has been puzzlingly quiet of late on the field.

Momentum: 49ers. Seattle has been struggling toward the end of the season. Not struggling terribly, but heading in the wrong direction in some way and overall when it comes to focus. At the same time, it seems the 49ers might be peaking just at the right time.

Home field: Seattle. Other teams in the NFL know that it’s very difficult to escape Seattle with a road win. The crowd is incredibly intense and Seattle plays especially well at home. San Fran has also specifically struggled in Seattle.

Overall Prediction: Seattle, but it’s almost a tossup. If Seattle can score 21 or more points, it’s likely they’ll win. Much will depend on which Russell Wilson shows up today. It’s no time for quiet, conservative play.

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