Do You Believe in STAP Stem Cells: Poll Week 3

I’m tracking opinion in the world of stem cells on STAP stem cells, those acid-induced stem cells reported in Nature. I’m hoping to capture potential dynamic changes in people’s views as the STAP stem cell situation evolves. Even if you’ve voted in my past polls, this is a new one so you can (and please do) vote again in this one based on your current perceptions.

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe in STAP Stem Cells: Poll Week 3”

  1. i think, or i wish it is real. The fabrication is EVIDENT, but the STAP itself ought to be a real thing, based on the paper

    1. It’s not clear that anything was fabricated at this point. Let’s see what the investigations by Nature & RIKEN say, especially Nature.

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