STAP stem cells week 2 poll results: more uncertainty

STAP poll week 2I’ve been doing polling on people’s views about STAP stem cells.

You can see the week 1 poll results here.

I’ve just closed the week 2 polling and the results are above.

In week 1 while there was a significant split between respondents, the polling leaned clearly toward people being more positive about STAP stem cells. In week 2 polling that lean has largely disappeared leaving an almost perfectly divided response and “on the fence” has risen quite a bit from week 1.

It’s also notable that respondents from Japan have shifted the most in opinion. In week 1 they were disproportionately positive, while in week 2 they became disproportionately negative.

Again, this is not scientific polling, but I still think the results are meaningful in a general sense.

I’m going to start week 3 polling in a bit.