September 19, 2020

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Month: April 2014

3 min read

Yesterday was a crazy day for the STAP cell situation. We had RIKEN releasing a scathing internal investigatory report and then some folks in the media got all worked up about a single PCR assay result that Dr. Ken Lee posted on ResearchGate. Some of the reporters/science writers hyped their headlines/articles on this situation as though STAP cells had been proven real. On the other end of the spectrum quite a few people thought that Ken was pulling an April Fool’s Day prank, which he …Read More

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STAP poll #6 polling results on STAP are about the same as the last couple weeks with most folks still leaning negative, but not quite as negative as in week #4. The poll question is “Do you believe in STAP cells?” We had more than 600 respondents for #6. Keep in mind this polling is not scientific. Also the originally intended timing of being “weekly” is a bit off now so I’m switching them to just be poll periods #1, #2, etc. rather than …Read More

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RIKEN Institute in Japan has formally announced the complete findings of its investigation into the STAP cell research,  Haruko Obokata, and Nature papers. RIKEN almost entirely blamed Obokata for the STAP mess in this report and they didn’t mince words. The RIKEN report alleged that Obokata had engaged in two instances of “research misconduct” as discussed by Retraction Watch. Notably, the report addressed only six specific potential problematic issues when there are many more key areas of concern that it did not tackle. You know …Read More