September 24, 2020

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Month: May 2014

2 min read

For more than 3 months I’ve been doing a tracking poll on the sentiments of the readers of this blog about STAP stem cells. The question is “Do you believe in STAP Stem Cells?” The result are summarized in the graph above. The latest poll results from period #9 are somewhat of a surprise. The overall trend for Poll #9 on STAP stem cells would seem to indicate a significant shift toward a more positive view, at least for the category “Close Yes”, meaning …Read More

1 min read

The Cell Surgical Network is a for-profit network of clinics offering various stem cell-related interventions, which began with the California Stem Cell Treatment Center. I have interviewed Drs. Elliot Lander and Mark Berman of the Network in past (Part 1, Part 2) and I raised some concerns about the network in a follow up Part 3 post, which was replied to in a lengthy comment by Dr. Berman. In the course of this dialogue it was indicated that Cell Surgical Network had an IRB through the International …Read More

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Sometimes a situation is so bad or stressful that it just calls out for some comic relief. STAP seems to be one of those. Below are various silly attempts at STAP humor to hopefully release some of that stress. Some doodling of hypothetical Dr. Bob and Dr. Sue trying to replicate STAP in a lab and being super stressed with a surprising consequence… Other names for STAP stem cells? Some said we should call them “SWAP cells” because of the image mixups. Instead of …Read More