December 1, 2020

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Month: September 2014

3 min read

How do “drugs” influence stem cells? Here’s the straight dope. Those of us in the trenches of the stem cell research field spend an inordinate amount of time talking about stem cell treatments (i.e. you inject stem cells into a person hoping for a medical benefit), and far too little time discussing endogenous stem cells. Endogenous stem cells are those little guys that we all have already inside of us. They crawl around and do good things. Sometimes they do bad things like turn …Read More

2 min read

How are stem cells, nukes, and bikini experts connected? Let’s go back in time a bit… The idea of stem cells has been around more than a century. For example Dr. Artur Pappenheim made a cell fate tree including stem cells in 1905. You can read more about this amazing, more than 100-year old stem cell model in my book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide. Even earlier in 1885, Dr. August Weismann discussed stem cells using the term “germ plasm” and in 1868 seems …Read More

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The California Stem Cell Agency CIRM seems to be in budget cutting mode these days, which from a general perspective makes sense as CIRM seeks to continue operating on its remaining funding through a longer period of time as far out as to 2020. However, not all cuts are necessarily positive. For example, CIRM reportedly (note: many within the California stem cell community overall are concerned about this possibility) might be considering ending its fantastically successful Bridges training program. That would be very counterproductive. In fact, the …Read More

8 min read

This post is the first in a series about the website. This piece is an interview the Director, Dr. Deborah Zarin. I want to thank her for taking the time to answer my questions. Later, I will post Part 2 in which I discuss my concerns about the trend of for-profit stem cell clinic trials being listed on that in my view are not conventional trials. First a little background on (see my various posts over the years on it here) before …Read More